Employees of Kumtor’s Balykchi Marshalling Yard Provided Aid to Society of Special Needs Children

published: 22 September 2017

Kumtor Ambassadors, employees of the Balykchi Marshalling Yard, Kumtor Gold Company, visited the local Society of Special Needs Children to distribute gifts to forty children On September 21, 2017.

Previously, employees of the Balykchi Marshalling Yard raised funds to purchase stationery, including exercise books, pens, albums and coloured pencils that children may need this year at school.
The Society’s management and children extend their sincerest thanks for the gifts and care to the Ambassadors of Kumtor, including Jyldyz Raimkulova, Alibek Kulatayev, Asykbek Chekirbayev, Alexander Serikov, Maksat Kadyraliyev, Azamat Abdrakhmanov and all the rest employees of Kumtor’s Balykchi Marshalling Yard.

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