Employees of Kumtor Gold Company’s Marshalling Yard in Balykchy Arrange Educational Tours for Local High School Students

published: 11 December 2015

Employees of Kumtor Gold Company’s Marshalling Yard in Balykchy have arranged four tours for local high school students within the past six months.
The main goals of these tours are occupational guidance of young Balykchy citizens and teaching them the basic principles of occupational health and safety compliance, as well as acquaintance with the transshipment facility’s activities.
Each meeting begins with an industrial safety presentation, during which Kumtor employees tell how important it is to comply with safety rules at work and in everyday life. After that they give the students a tour of the company, which clearly demonstrates the Balykchy transshipment facility’s work.
Each group usually consists of up to 25 students. The company’s specialists provide general information about the gold production process and answer all their questions. School graduates always ask which educational institutions train specialists, who could get a job in Kumtor company and other mining enterprises of the country after graduation.
Kumtor employees are going to continue the good tradition of meetings with local school children, inspiring them to observe the safety rules in any situation and get a high-quality education in the future.

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