Kumtor improves working and living conditions at the mine

published: 18 August 2021

The Temporary External Manager of Kumtor Gold Company (KGC), Tengiz Bolturuk, set a task for Kumtor to become a role model for all other mining companies in Kyrgyzstan: in technologies, health and safety, and creating comfortable working and living conditions for the employees.

At Kumtor, in the Arctic high-altitude conditions, strong people work. The rotation lasts for two weeks. At the same time, about two thousand people live in the mine’s camp. Some of the employees have been working in the company for many years, and some have only recently joined a large team.

Kumtor attaches great importance to creating decent working conditions and improving the quality of life. Currently, it is planned to repair and redesign the premises, replace furniture in the camp of the high-altitude mine. The nutrition of employees has improved: several first and second courses, various salads, fruits, and juices have been added to the menu. For the first time in the history of the company, a nutritionist monitors that the food of the employees is not only delicious, but also healthy.

The Catering Coordinator at the Kumtor mine, Sarman Shambetaliev, notes: “If earlier the priority was saving food products, then with the introduction of external management, a lot has changed for us. All this time we have been using 25-year-old equipment, but now we have ordered new modern kitchen equipment and receive food products of the highest quality.”

“The main asset of the company is the human resources. When an employee spends more than half of his life at work, it should be a real second home, so that he/she would like to return there, see colleagues with joy, coexist in a business and friendly environment – only then the Company will develop and grow”, said Tengiz Bolturuk, KGC Temporary External Manager.


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