Charitable marathon

Charitable marathon

published: 08 December 2011

Представитель компании «Кумтор» передала собранные сотрудниками деньги для НИИ Кардиологии

In early November, employees of “Kumtor Operating Company” and other joint organizations joined the charitable marathon organized to raise funds necessary for purchasing a children’s respiratory apparatus which the Resuscitation Department at the National Research Institute of Heart Surgery and Transplantation of Organ badly needs. This action was initiated by the newspaper “Vecherny Bishkek” and the “Help the children-SKD” Public Charitable Foundation.

Over the past month “Kumtor” employees from Bishkek, Kakakol, Balykchy and a mine site brought in money saying kindly words in support of the children and wishing them to get better as soon as possible.

It is awfully painful to see a child that cannot be cured for the absence of doctors and means, but wherever a child’s life cannot be saved only because one single apparatus is unavailable is a tragedy for entire society. One could speculate infinitely to the effect that it’s a prerogative of the Government to solve problems like that … But is it any fault of a child waiting for a marvel, waiting for adults to give him life, give a chance to his little heart?! Just think what a sick child’s mother feels as she listens to the beating of her dear child’s heart every day, every hour, every minute!?

We have raised a total of around 176 000 soms! On December 6, Media Relations transferred the funds thus raised to the “Help the children-SKD” Public Charitable Foundation.

We hope that by participating in this charitable event, we were able to help sick children and give hope for them and their loved ones!

Also, we would like to add that the said marathon has been joined by thousands of Kyrgyzstan citizens. Moreover, the Kyrgyz Government has assigned US $150,000 to the National Research Institute of Heart Surgery and Transplantation of Organ for purchasing respiratory apparatuses for the Cardiology Department. The funds raised for the purchase of the respiratory apparatus will be used to buy different equipment only after the devices bought by the Government have arrived. The equipment to be purchased with the public money will be identified later by a general meeting with the participation of cardiologists.

Even considering the invaluable contribution made by the Government to this marathon, all those who took part in the event have made perhaps one of the most important things in the children’s and their own lives.Thanks to such people for cooperation that helps do wonders our children so readily believe in!

The Diesel Forum
The employees of Kumtor Operating Company have raised and transferred to the Cardiology Department a total of 121,910 soms, 1,100 US dollars and 40 euros for purchasing special equipment. In addition, they have distributed great books in Kyrgyz and Russian for sick children in the Department.
«Кумтор Оперейтинг Компани» пряняла участие в благотворительном марафоне Thank you Kumtor employees for joining hands!
Thank you all, my dear, who have responded to the call for help, who spared a minute in our bustling life amid your own troubles, problems and concerns, you who have deemed it your personal duty to make a contribution of your own to our common cause of saving sick children’s lives….
I would very much like to shake hands with every one of you and say: God bless you! Wish you every success! The whole of the world rests upon people like you.