published: 09 August 2023

The “Kumtor Gold Company” CJSC (Customer) invites You (Participants) to participate in an open tender foe the selection of a potential Contractor for the provision of services:

М3644565– Conducting external quality control of laboratory analyses of samples for the period 2022.

Composition and type of work:
Laboratory and analytical studies to determine the gold content in the range of 0.01 – 100 ppm, by assay analysis with atomic absorption termination (30 g Fire assay with AA finish).
The number of 756 powder samples.
The samples are represented by duplicates of core samples worn down to -75 microns with an average weight of 100 g.

Quotations with attached documents, annexes, and quotations must be signed by person(s) duly authorized to sign commercial offers and obligations under the contract and sealed; documents must be submitted in PDF format.

Authority of the person to sign documents must be confirmed by a power of attorney or certified copies of documents confirming their authority.


Procedure for submission of offers


Potential bidders wishing to participate in the tender must submit a commercial offer in accordance with Appendix No. 1 to the Invitation, attach required copies of documents and send them electronically by e-mail.

Participants must submit their Supplier Selection Proposals by e-mail in two (2) separate e-mails.


The technical (qualification) and financial parts of the proposals should be submitted in separate files in the following order:


  1. Technical (qualifying) part of the proposal.

A letter with technical (qualification) assessment must contain the following and be sent to:


Required documents for the first package:

  1. Letter confirming interest in participation.
  2. Detailed information about the company:

–      necessary permits, licenses, certificates required for the provision of services,

–      list of employees involved in the service provision with confirming certificates for the quality of work.

–      reference list for similar services for the last 3 years.

–      recommendations, reviews, resumes.

  1. Scanned copy of the registration certificate of a legal entity.
  2. Scanned copy of the document defining the main activity (Charter), as well as a scanned copy of the decision on appointment as the executive officer.
  3. Scanned copies of the original audited financial statements for 2021-2022-2023


  1. Certificate of absence of debts on tax payments and insurance premiums to state bodies as of the last reporting date.


Participants must also submit any other documents that the Participants will have to fill out or prepare in accordance with the requirements of the Customer. These documents can be requested both during the selection process and after it as part of the work with the winner.

Incomplete submission of the requested information or submission of proposals that do not meet all the requirements set forth in the technical (qualification) part of the proposals may lead to the rejection of the offer by the Buyer by failing to provide the terms of reference for the preparation of the second package “Financial offer of pre-insurance valuation”.


  1. Financial part of the offer.

Participants who have submitted documents that meet the qualification requirements and have received the terms of reference for the performance of pre-insurance valuation services must send the second package “Financial offer of pre-insurance valuation” to the e-mail address: before August 22, 2023.


Required documents for the second package:


  1. A commercial offer on an official letterhead, indicating the terms of work, payment terms.

М3644565- Conducting external quality control of laboratory analyses of samples for the period 2022.


The Customer has the right to accept or reject any offer, as well as to cancel the open selection process and reject all offers at any time prior to the award of the Contract, without incurring any obligation to the respective participants.


The cost of work must include all necessary expenses for mobilization, accommodation and meals for employees involved in the performance of services at KGC facilities.


The cost of services specified by the Selection Participant shall include all costs, including taxes, duties, fees and other payments levied in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, and other expenses for the fulfillment of contractual obligations, taking into account the period of service, related services specified in the Agreement.


Evaluation criteria: the proposal that meets the qualification requirements, technical requirements and has the lowest estimated cost of services will be recognized as the winner.


Deadline for submission of commercial proposals:

15:00 hours on August 22, 2023.


Bids submitted by Participants of the selection process later than the specified deadlines for the first and second packages, and/or late applications will not accepted and considered.

By submitting their offer, a Participant agrees to all the conditions specified in the requirements of the Company.

Each bidder may submit only one bid.

It is not allowed to make changes to the tender proposals after the deadline for their submission.


Any questions about this competition should be sent by e-mail to the address: with the subject line “М3644565- Conducting external quality control of laboratory analyses of samples for the period 2022.” and description of the lot.

Appendix 1 to the Invitation