Kumtor Employees Funded Repair Works in the Burn Unit’s Wards of the Bishkek Research Center of Trauma and Orthopedics

published: 20 December 2016

Employees of Kumtor Gold Company regularly raise money for charity purposes. This time, the fundraising has been organized among the company employees at the suggestion of Kumtor’s Medical Department to support the only Burn Unit in Kyrgyzstan, operating under the Bishkek Research Center of Trauma and Orthopedics. More than 40 Kumtor employees took part in the charity event and donated KGS 107,000, $900 and €250.

It was decided that the money collected would be used for repair works in the children’s intensive care ward of the Burn Unit, Bishkek Research Center of Trauma and Orthopedics. As a result of repairs, new windows and door have been installed; linoleum has been laid; sink, climate control system, quartz lamps, ceiling lights, electrical outlets have been renewed or replaced; walls and ceiling have been painted. During repairs, the workers have also replaced linoleum in two other wards and installed new plumbing fixtures in another one. One of the initiators, Kalys Jumabayeva, was fully responsible for the process.

Head of the Burn Unit Kandoolot Sarbanova expressed deep gratitude to Kumtor employees on behalf of all patients, hospital physicians and medical officers. “Even the wealthiest people very rarely support the hospitals. We are extremely grateful to the staff of Kumtor for the sponsorship,” Kandoolot Sarbanova emphasized.

Meerimbek Satyvaldiyev, father of one of the young patients, saw the children’s intensive care unit before and after the repair and says he is pleasantly surprised by the kindness of ordinary employees of the company. “We have been staying in this hospital already for 1.5 months. We saw the wards before the repairs – drafty windows, sinks were in a deplorable state. After the repair, the wards have become warmer and much more comfortable. It is very important, because children with the burns cannot wear clothes. We are very grateful to all the kind people thanks to whom our treatment continues in better conditions,” he added.

The initiators would also like to express special thanks to Gulmira Mukambetova, Gerry Wigglesworth, Isken Omorov and the staff of Kumtor’s Administrative and Maintenance Department for the support rendered.

We express our gratitude to all the employees, who took part in the charity event!

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