Kumtor invites all interested parties to conduct trainings for Company employees in leadership capacities, managerial skills, and personal performance.

published: 03 June 2016


The Kumtor Gold Company invites all interested parties to conduct trainings for Company employees in leadership capacities, managerial skills, and personal performance. Service providers, training centers and freelance trainers are welcome to participate in the tender process.

Offers of participants must include:

Information about the company/trainer.

1. Company name, ownership type, banking details, legal address, contact phone numbers, e-mail address
2. Information about available licenses, patents, and other documents required to perform the works contemplated by this tender project (attach copies)
3. Brief presentation about the company/trainer, including:
 major areas of activity
 list of regular customers, recommendation letters
 previous training experience in areas related to the subject of the tender (specify the company, dates held, training topics, contacts for references, or recommendation letters)
 opportunities for development of new programs/trainings if necessary
4. Pricing policy (price per training hour/day, discounts, payment procedure)
5. Availability of training facilities and required equipment (if any)
6. Catering opportunities (if training facilities are available)
7. Opportunities to substitute a trainer and change training dates
8. Availability of required training materials, textbooks, issue of certificates
9. Number of trainers, their areas of expertise, specialties, previous experience as trainers, other background information, and trainers’ resumes

Program requirements (if any):

 Program specification: name, goals, trainer’s name, breakdown to topics and sub-topics, methods of work, exercises, ways to reinforce the program
 Duration of training and specified program
 Program contents
 Price of a training course or given program

Contemplated program implementation stages

1. Demo-version of training in real conditions and real group of participants
2. Defining training efficiency criteria
3. Training with use of interactive methods
4. Training efficiency control based on selected criteria
5. Post-training activities

For all inquiries, interested parties can refer to email: Kumtor_localbuyer@kumtor.com

Commercial offers must be submitted in sealed envelopes marked “Commercial offer to conduct trainings” before 17:00 pm on June 17, 2016 at 24 Ibraimov Str., 14th floor of Uchkun Building, Bishkek.

KGC reserves the right to accept or reject in whole or in part, any offer received.

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