Young Entrepreneurs, Representatives of Public Community of Jeti-Oguz Region and Members of the International Business Council Visited the Kumtor Mine

published: 14 October 2015

Groups of young entrepreneurs from Jia Association, representatives of public community of Jeti-Oguz region, including chiefs of aiyl districts, activists, schoolteachers and medical workers, as well as members of the International Business Council (IBC) made information visits to the Kumtor mine in September-October of 2015. Visits were organized by the management of Kumtor Gold Company in response to requests of interested parties willing to visit the gold mine and personally check out the company’s operation.

Visitors were acquainted with the main production stages of ore mining and processing, visited the open pit, the gold processing factory, the Petrov Lake and tailings dam. Representatives of the company’s subdivisions accompanied them on all sites, told about specific features of their subdivisions’ operation and their role in the production process and tried to give clear answers to all their questions.

“We were driven in the first place by a human curiosity: we wanted to visit the mine and see how everything works here, how people have managed to build such a huge facility at a height of 4,000 meters and how they run it. What I have seen at the mine impressed me greatly and, I think, all people, who came here, felt the same,” said Alexander An, representative of the law firm, affiliated with the IBC.

IBC representative Askar Sydykov noted that such visits help in their work: owing to them, they could make more informed assessments, since people get an overview of the company straight from the source, see with their own eyes what the pit, the factory and the working conditions are like.

It should be noted that such visits to the Kumtor mine were arranged for different population groups during many years and already became a tradition. Kumtor is a leader not only in contributions to the state budget, but also in the transparency policy. The company exerts every effort to make its activities as transparent as possible to show the public community that production is carried out with due consideration of international experience and in compliance with the strictest standards of environmental and industrial safety.

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