Kumtor Company Contributed 5,400 Books to Kyrgyz Educational Institutions

published: 05 September 2013

Компания «Кумтор» передала 5 400 книг в образовательные учреждения республикиChildren’s libraries in Kyrgyzstan are going to receive a new collection of folk tales in the Kyrgyz language. This summer, Kumtor Company donated 5,400 highly decorated books to the International Public Fund “Roza Otumbayeva’s Initiative” for distribution to children’s educational institutions across the Kyrgyz Republic.

600 nine-book sets including “Kyrgyz Fairy Tales” (“Kyrgyzdynkeremetuu Jomoktoru”), “Tales about Animals” (“Aibanattar Jonundogu Jomoktor”), epic poem “Er Tioshtiuk” etc. were partly distributed back in early summer. Part of these books has already found its way to the bookshelves of kindergartens in Chu, Osh, Batken and Naryn provinces.

The series of tales was published by Raritet Publishers with the support of Kumtor Company under the Reading Kyrgyzstan (Okurman Kyrgyzstan) Program. Thus, the Company has contributed to the development of the national language and culture, promotion of education and upbringing of the rising generation in Kyrgyzstan.

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