Human Life Saved by KOC Employees

Human Life Saved by KOC Employees

published: 09 March 2012

Human Life Saved by KOC Employees

It took 18 hours to operate on Tynchtykbek Duishobayev, a resident of Jety-Oguz, Issyk-Kul province, to save his life.

In the evening, February 29, Emergencies Ministry officers contacted the Kumtor Company asking it to help take Tynchtykbek Duishobayev to hospital saying he might die of his leg injury unless qualified medical aid is rendered to him.

The high mountain area, having no access roads and being cut off from the outside world, made the transportation process extremely difficult.

By six o’clock next morning, March 1, the mine administration had organized a rescue team and assigned two vehicles: one UAZ car from contractors, Cross-Inc., and one Toyota LandСruiser from KOC’s exploration department. Due to the rough terrain, only Toyota could get to the injured man. After taking Tynchtykbek along, the team came back to the mine site at about 12 p.m., where assistance was given to him by the medical center’s staff, followed by safe transportation to hospital.

March 6, the Kumtor Company received a letter from the head of the Jety-Oguz administration, J.Diushenbiyev, in which he thanked the Company for assistance in saving the life of the badly injured resident of the province.

It is not the first instance where the KOC rescue team helps local communities in a trouble.