Kumtor resumes mining operations at cut back # 20

published: 13 July 2022

Mining operations were resumed at CB20 of the Kumtor mine. In May 2022, the Engineering Department of Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC) noted pit wall movements in the CB20. For the safety of people and equipment, the mining operations in this area were temporarily suspended, while all Kumtor’s services continued to work in routine mode. As per the order of the Chairman of the KR Cabinet of Ministers, an interdepartmental commission was established to determine the causes of movement. Based on the results of work conducted by the interdepartmental commission, KGC received recommendations on protective measures to ensure the safe work in CB20 and on engagement of local and foreign research organizations for a comprehensive assessment of the stability of the deformation zone. On the basis of recommendations received from consulting organizations, KGC developed special safety measures for resuming mining operations at CB20. Mining operations at these section were resumed as soon as all safety measures had been taken to stabilize  the movement speeds of the monitoring points located at the deformation area..

The Kumtor mine is equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system to  controlling the benches and pit walls movement to reliably ensure safe working conditions for employees and equipment operation. KGC has also seriously strengthened the pit walls stability control system. The company has acquired two radars of the latest generation of the Italian IDS Georadar, which have already been put into operation and provide continuous monitoring of stability of the benches and pit walls, as well as of the waste rock dumps. The data obtained from the instruments is needed for analysis in planning operations and preventing sudden subsidence, movement, and landslides.

Thanks to the radar monitoring system in mid-May we detected in advance the change in Central Pit East Wall movement speeds and could respond promptly. Now the radar system is supplemented by two more radars.

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