Kumtor Gold Company invested more than $1.9 million USD in the reconstruction of sections of Balykchi-Bokonbayevo-Karakol motor road

published: 07 October 2014

Renovation of the national road running along the southern coast of Issyk-Kul Lake was begun late in 2013 with reconstruction of the road between the villages of Bokonbayevo and Ton.

The road thus renovated is 4.5 km long. Residents of and visitors to the Issyk-Kul region have already highly praised the newly-built roadbed carrying traffic striping.

In 2014, road-surface treatment of the Balykchi-Bokonbayevo-Karakol motor road focused on the interval between the 45th km and 53rd km (the villages of Bar-Bulak and Shor-Bulak) and on the one between the 108th and 112th km (beyond the village of Kaji-Sai), their total length being 12 km.

During the period between 2013 and 2014, Kumtor Gold Company invested over US $1.9 million in the Issyk-Kul road renovation program. Sections that needed renovation were selected publicly.

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