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Water Management

Our Commitments

Our highest corporate priorities include the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public, combined with effective environmental management systems, as detailed in our policy statement and Annual Environmental Reports posted at www.kumtor.kg.


Water management is an integral and significant part of our operations. As detailed in the 1993 Environmental Impact Assessment, the mine’s operational footprint results in some impact on the natural water environment. However, we are committed to limiting impacts to acceptable levels through careful monitoring and management of water use, the key components of which are:
• Removal of water and ice from in and around pit to ensure safe access to the ore
• Water use for mineral processing
• Recycling of water within the mill to reduce total volumes required
• Water use for domestic and sanitary uses at the mine camp
• Wastewater management and treatment using modern technologies prior to return to the environment

Kumtor & Water Management