3rd International Forum of Eurasian Young Experts “Jashyl Oi 2015” Held in Issyk-Kul Region

3rd International Forum of Eurasian Young Experts “Jashyl Oi 2015” Held in Issyk-Kul Region

published: 21 July 2015

The 3rd International Forum of Eurasian young professionals titled Jashyl Oi 2015 was held at Kaji-Sai, Issyk-Kul province. The Jashyl Oi (“Green Thinking”) national environmental program was launched three years ago by the Youth Initiatives Promotion Fund with the support of Kumtor Gold Company.

“Green” business was the subject of this year’s forum. Attending the forum were young and successful “green” business people, public figures, activists, scientists, journalists, bloggers and media experts engaged in the environmental protection activities in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan aged 18-35. The forum’s trainings and workshops involved guest experts and NGO leaders successfully working in this area. For the third time, the event became a forum for the exchange of experience and best practices in the environmental protection efforts.

As part of the forum’s program, a group of participants visited the Kumtor gold mine to witness environmental programs implemented by the company. Also, an exposition of works by the well-known Kyrgyz photographer Vlad Ushakov titled “The Trail of the Snow Leopard” was organized at the forum. Additionally, a number of films and cartoons on the environment, selected from the program of the Eco Chashka festival organized in the Commonwealth of Independent States, were offered to festival participants. The films were largely made by young directors as their contributions to green efforts.

“Responsible environmental management is one of the key components of Kumtor’s Sustainable Development strategy. Apart from spending about $7.5 million annually on environmental management and monitoring at the mine site, we also support environment protection initiatives of youth from the Issykul region. For us it is very important to invest in education of young professionals at the Jashyl Oi Camp, and share our values and experience with future environmental leaders”, said Ben Ferris, Environment Director at Kumtor Gold Company.