Invitation closed


Invites organizations to cooperate to provide services for geological exploration at the Kumtor mine in 2019 (the “Service”).

KGC in the framework of the exploration program in 2019 is ready to consider proposals from organizations that have the appropriate equipment and qualified personnel with the right to carry out drilling and mining work on the following types of work:

Types of works

It is necessary to indicate the cost of the “provision of the service” in running meters, taking into account the depths, provided that the work is performed by one drilling unit (for safe and high-quality work at specified times).

  • Drilling of wells (RC drilling) by WDH-500 A unit or its analogs that are able to carry out reverse and core drilling. Availability of compressor with 30-35 bar. Drilling of wells (RC drilling) to depths of 300 meters, slope angle (dip) 70-90º, diameter 114-135mm; by HQ method to depth of around 500 meters.

Preliminary dates of work

  • April 01 – December 31, 2019.

Drilling operations are carried out by the Contractor, including mobilization / demobilization of their equipment, transportation of personnel, PPE, and first-aid training at the Red Cross, organization of work at the sites. The Customer provides provision of living conditions and fuel.

Renewed technical task

The applicants must submit together with the commercial proposal, constituent and other legal documentation confirming their rights to produce the relevant types of work and the cost of work in meters is determined.

All applicable taxes and fees must be included in the cost of the work.

Commercial proposals in a sealed envelope with the note “Commercial offer for the provision of services in the conduct of geological exploration” before 5:00pm on March 15, 2019 should be sent to 24 Ibraimov Street, Bishkek, Uchkun JSC building, 10th floor.

KGC reserves the right to accept or reject (in whole or in part) any commercial offer received and unilaterally refuse to reimburse any expenses incurred by applicants under this invitation.