Modernization of the Kumtor Mill

published: 23 November 2021

Following the introduction of external management at Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC), the modernization projects have been developed and launched at the various production areas of the Kumtor Mill.

The Kumtor Gold Recovery Mill was launched in 1996. Since then, the Company has provided only repair operations and planned maintenance of equipment, but technologies have advanced rapidly. Having studied the situation at the site, the team of the KGC External Manager Tengiz Bolturuk developed and launched a large-scale modernization project. Experts have already called the future Mill changes to be a mini-technological revolution. First of all, the obsolete flotation machines will be replaced. The new devices will be completely autonomous. As a result, the ratio of gold recovery from ore will be significantly increased. In addition to achieving better production performance, the modernization aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

“About 80 tests were conducted last month and the results showed that using the new flotation machines we can get higher recoveries, about 96% at the flotation area,” explains KGC Corporate Technology Director Kanat Kurmanov.

Also, in addition to employees, artificial intelligence will soon monitor the technological process at the Mill. The modern software will prompt, and if necessary, will correct the operator’s actions.  Based on the study of historical data, the program will determine the best Mill performance, and this information will then be used to implement improvements right during operations to increase gold recovery at each section of the production cycle.

Technical renovation at the Mill has already begun. By the end of the year, they promise to put additional leaching tanks into operation. The installation process of a vertical mill, another equipment unique for our country, is entering its final stage. Together, they will allow the Company to increase its gold production plans while using less capacity.

The Company also invests in employee development. Several groups of the Mill specialists have already advanced training courses in Kazakhstan and will soon go to Moscow.

It should be noted that development processes have been launched at other production facilities of the mine, as well as in Balykchy and Bishkek. All this work is aimed at improving the Company’s operational efficiency.

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