Mine Closure

The current mine plan indicates that gold production of KGC will cease in 2031. As agreed with Kyrgyz authorities and outlined in the Environmental Management Action Plan (EMAP), KGC is required to update the Conceptual Closure Plan (CCP) for the operation every three years, and complete a Final Closure Plan (FCP) two years prior to closure. This approach allows for a period for testing and monitoring of several years to evaluate the various options contemplated by the CCP, and time to consider any changes to the environmental, regulatory and social environment that may have occurred over the life of the mine. KGC has prepared CCP’s in 1999, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2016 and most recently in 2019.
The updated CCP covers the existing components of the Kumtor operations including the open pits, waste rock dumps, TMF and related water treatment facilities, and the mill complex and associated mine infrastructure.

Animation. Kumtor gold mine conceptual closure plan


The CCP is guided by the following objectives:

  • Materially comply with regulatory requirements
  • Minimize residual environmental impacts
  • Ensure mine site feature are geotechnically stable
  • Ensure protection of public health and safety
  • Return the land to suitable post-mining land use

All CCP’s have been previously submitted to the relevant Kyrgyz agencies for their information and in 2016, the conceptual closure plan was also provided to the Government’s international technical advisors involved in the ongoing negotiation to restructure Kyrgyzaltyn’s ownership in Centerra and Kumtor.

Under the Strategic Agreement in 2017, KGC has committed to accelerate its annual payments to Kumtor’s Reclamation Trust Fund in the amount of US$6 million a year until the total amount contributed by KGC reaches the total estimated reclamation cost for the Kumtor Project (representing the independent assessment of Kumtor’s current reclamation costs) subject to a minimum total reclamation cost of US$69 million (which is broadly in line with KGC’s current estimated reclamation cost for the Kumtor Project)

Additional information relating to mine closure is included in the Annual Environment and Sustainability Reports which are also available on our website, “Reports” section.

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