Kumtor handed over a minibus to the Nursing Home for the Elderly and Disabled People in the Nizhnyaya Serafimovka Village

published: 30 June 2021

Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC) has provided Toyota Hayes minibus for the use of the Nursing Home for the Elderly and Disabled People in the Nizhnyaya Serafimovka Village.

According to the Director of the Nizhnyaya Serafimovka social institution Baktybek Junushev, in previous years he has approached Kumtor several times seeking assistance, but has not received any answers. However, this year a positive response to his letter came immediately. Within a month, Kumtor Gold Company solved a vital problem: it provided the wards of the social institution with a vehicle to receive necessary medical procedures at the hospitals of the capital.

The Temporary External Manager of Kumtor Gold Company CJSC, Tengiz Bolturuk, noted at the vehicle transfer ceremony that now residents of the Nursing Home in the Nizhnyaya Serafimovka Village will be able to visit not only medical institutions, but also make various field trips.

“We have granted your request and are helping you from the bottom of our hearts to make your life easier, so that it will be comfortable, joyful and long. In addition to the transfer of a roomy and comfortable Toyota Hayes minibus, Kumtor will allocate the necessary amount of gasoline on a monthly basis, provide routine maintenance,” Tengiz Bolturuk emphasized.

In addition, Tengiz Bolturuk said that Kumtor will eliminate the most important problem of the Nursing Home for the Elderly People in the Nizhnyaya Serafimovka Village – the lack of regular water supply. According to him, the Company’s management decided to make a major repair of the water supply system at the institution to ensure uninterrupted access to clean drinking water. Steps are already being taken to start repair works in the near future. As an urgent measure, a water tank has been provided.

“One day we will also be elderly people, and we would like the state and companies to help those in need in every possible way. Our company always tries to help the country and has been providing charitable assistance to the residents of the country for many years. Kumtor is now working for the benefit of Kyrgyzstan, and we are always willing to help people!” said Tengiz Bolturuk.

“Today we have a big holiday! Our institution has existed since 1936, and since then we have been drinking river water. Many thanks to the new Kumtor management in the person of Tengiz Bolturuk. You are doing a great job. May God grant you strength and health in your hard work,” Baktybek Junushev, Director of the Nursing Home in the Nizhnyaya Serafimovka Village, said as his wish.


To date, 310 recipients of services live in the Nizhne-Serafimovka social inpatient institution for the elderly and disabled people, including 203 men and 107 women.

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