Kumtor Gold Company has launched a new type of monitoring on the technological road

published: 22 August 2014

Kumtor Gold Company starts a new type of monitoring on the road, leading to the mine. Ninty kilometers long road passes through the Barskoon village of Djeti-Oguz district.

Two types of special devices were established along the road with the assistance of independent experts, representatives of the public environmental organizations, as well as members of the Jashyl Oi youth eco-camp. The first device – an automated counter that collects data on the number of passing cars, their size, and the direction of their movement. The second type – dust traps. Dust sampling in all fourty dust traps will be implemented in two ways: analysis of the dust components, and the concentration of heavy metals in it.

The Company will involve representatives of the local community to ensure transparency of research. These devices have been installed by Kumtor according to the recommendation of AMEC, an international consulting company, which advises the Kyrgyz Government on environmental issues in the negotiation process with the Centerra Gold Inc.

“The purpose of this work is to get scientifically proven data on the influence of dust on the environment. All results and measurements will be sent on a monthly basis to the independent laboratory Alex Stuart. Once we get the data, we can make informed judgments and take any required action if necessary”, told Douglas Grier, Sustainable Development Director at Kumtor Gold Company.

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