published: 10 January 2020

On January 9, 2020, emergency rescue operations were stopped at the Kumtor Mine focusing on the search for two mine employees, who were both declared missing following the significant rockslide at Kumtor’s Lysyi waste rock dump on December 1, 2019. The decision to stop the search was made with the consent of relatives of the missing Kumtor employees.

Daniel Desjardins, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Centerra Gold Inc., commented, We all deeply regret the incident and extend their profound condolences to the families and colleagues of our deceased employees. The Company will now work closely with officials of appropriate levels of Government to investigate the cause of the rockslide to gain a comprehensive understanding of what were the reasons behind the failure and recommend improved practices so that this tragic incident never happens again. Kumtor has taken significant steps to improve Safety at our world-class operation and pays constant, ongoing attention to matters concerning the life and health of our employees and contractors, wherever they work. Ensuring safety at work, the protection of the life and health of workers are the fundamental principle that we are governed by in our daily activities. This tragedy has made it clear that it is even more imperative that efficient measures be taken to ensure safety at all facilities without exception.”

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